The Battle of Camden Play

The Kershaw County Historical Society
will host a special performance of
The Battle of Camden Play
by Tony Scully
for members of the KC Historical Society and the Camden/Kershaw County community
on Sunday, April 23, at 3:00 p.m.
at Westminster Hall, Bethesda Presbyterian Church
502 E. DeKalb Street in Camden
Admission is free.

View the April 18, 2023, Camden Chronicle-Independent article on the play at

It reads:

“The Battle of Camden Play,” a new work by Tony Scully, will feature a number of local community leaders portraying a variety of representative historical figures with a thing or two to say about the Battle of Camden. Needless to say, the Patriots and the Brits will express widely divergent opinions.

The hour-long play will premiere Saturday, April 22, as a dinner theatre highlight for sponsors finalizing the weekend activities related to the reburial events at the Camden battlefield.

On Sunday afternoon, April 23, at 3 p.m. the Kershaw County Historical Society will sponsor a Special Performance of “The Battle of Camden Play” for Historical Society members and the Camden/Kershaw County community. The site will be Westminister Hall at Bethesda Presbyterian Church, 502 E. DeKalb St., Camden, and no admission will be charged.

A brief question-and-answer period will follow with playwright and cast. The Historical Society is interested in having members and interested persons who wish to do so email them after seeing the play to comment on what potential they see in drama as a vehicle for advancing interest in Camden and Kershaw County history.

In “The Battle of Camden Play” Jamie Guy portrays George Washington, General Julian Burns is General Cornwallis, and Andrew Whitaker plays King George III.

Hank Kerfoot plays General Horatio Gates, Henry Kerfoot plays Lt. Colonel Banastre Tarleton, and Tray Dunaway is General Johann DeKalb. Cadets from the Camden Military Academy—John Rivers, Jeffrey Stith, Andrew Tucker, and Charles Duke—portray soldiers on opposite sides of the conflict.

Stacy Mincey, LaShella Kirkland, and Connie Davis Rouse portray the women in the camp.  Ken Seward will demonstrate the use of the musket.

Robert Slade and his sons Jonathan and Matthew will provide the music. Johnny Deal is overseeing the audiovisual components. 

Mac Mosier and Andy Mills are set consultants/designers, and Judith Hawkesworth is costume consultant.

As Playwright/Director Scully says, “This is a grand community effort!” He appreciates others who have assisted the play as well. Scully is not only a playwright but also a poet, the former mayor of the City of Camden, and president of the Kershaw County Historical Society.

See your community friends in April 16 dress rehearsal photos below:

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