The Kershaw County Historical Society is incorporated by The State of South Carolina and as such is subject to the South Carolina Nonprofit Corporations Act.

Officers 2020-2022

President Tony Scully
Vice-president Joan Inabinet
Treasurer John Miller
Secretary Melissa Saavedra

Board Members

The elected officers, plus Ken DuBose (2022), Elsie Goins, Betsy Greenway, Peggy Ogburn, Julie Putnam, Kathee Stahl, Harvey Teal (deceased).

Committee leaders

Publications/Publicity/Web editor/E-communications–Joan Inabinet, Julie Putnam; Photography–Glen Inabinet; Bonds Conway House steward, Historical markers–John Miller; Easements–Peggy Ogburn; Refreshments–Melissa Saavedra; Archival advisor–Lon Outen, Legal representive–Charles Baxley. Thanks too to Sarah Murray and Todd Adams, Camden Archives, for assisting us with email responses.

Purpose of the Society
(from The Constitution of the Kershaw County Historical Society)

The Society shall operate for the enjoyment of its members and as a public benefit to seek, acquire, study, conserve, record, compile and publish information concerning the history of Kershaw County; to present and educate its members and the public in regard to the history of Kershaw County; to mark historic sites; and to preserve the history, heritage, and historic places of Kershaw County.

Monthly Newspaper Column for the Society

Joan Inabinet writes the column begun by the late Harvey Teal, published courtesy of the Camden, S.C., Chronicle-Independent.

Thanks to members!

Your program attendance, dues and donations, information, suggestions, ideas, and encouragement keep the lifeblood of our Society going!  Thank you.

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