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(We apologize that in the changes and stages of our recent move, our books may be going unstocked in some locations, but we hope to renew these resources soon. We continue to list books noted as “out of stock” because they may be found in libraries or archives, and we think it helpful to make their existence known to reseachers although we no longer have available copies.)

  • A History of Kershaw County, South Carolina 

History_of_Kershaw_County-267x400By Joan A. Inabinet and L. Glen Inabinet for the Kershaw County Historical Society.
Published by the University of South Carolina Press in 2011.  Read more.
Hardbound, with dust jacket, over 700 pages of text, illustrations, & extensive index.

Our price per regular edition book, hard cover and dust jacket as shown $50, plus shipping if required

Also available a limited edition (only 100 printed) exclusively from us, distinctive leather-bound format of the above title, numbered and signed $80, plus shipping if required

Society’s Classic Publicationsprices current 2022

  • Camden Homes and Heritage
    Reprinted by popular demand: A best-seller! Hardback, color photos with text, coffee table book with color dust jacket, $15.00
  • The Decorative Arts of Camden and Kershaw County
    Companion volume to above, featuring interiors. Hardback, color photos with text, coffee table book with color dust jacket, $15.00
  • Historic Camden: Colonial and Revolutionary (Volume I) out of stock
    The classic, scholarly text by Thomas J. Kirkland and Robert M. Kennedy in 1905 that is a standard in South Carolina history.
  • Historic Camden: Nineteenth Century (Volume II)
    Kirkland and Kennedy’s 1926 continuation of the previous volume. A standard with classic, scholarly text. Our hardback vintage reprints and vintage copies, variable conditions, $40.00.
  • Every-name Index to Names in Historic Camden out of print
    Modern indexing by James D. McKain combines the two classic volumes above and includes listings omitted from the briefer indexes of the originals. Extremely valuable to the researcher. Hardback, $17.50.
  • Living in Camden: Scenes Since Historic Camden
    Historical study of several topics since 1880 by Priscilla Ann Trantham Oliver, illustrated with historic photos by E. T. Start.  44 pages, $5.00 paperbound.
  • The Battle of Camden, South Carolina: August 16, 1780 out of stock
    Facsimile reprint of the 1929 compilation of “historical statements” of the Revolutionary battle, by Lieut. Col. H. L. Landers. 65 pages. $15.00 paperbound.
  • Horatio Gates and the Battle of Camden–“That Unhappy Affair” August 16, 1780 out of stock
    An examination of the scholarship past and present, by John R. Maass, including an afterword by Charles B. Baxley: “The South Carolina Militia in the Battle of Camden.” Printed as a companion volume to the Landers book above.
  • In the Sunny South: A Winter Colonist’s View of Camden, South Carolina, and Vicinity in 1901
    A first-time publication in 1999 of a century-old manuscript, author unknown, edited by Harvey S. Teal, illustrated with previously unpublished photos accompanying the manuscript. Rare views of local scenes and of black citizens in everyday life. 90 pages, $10.00 paperbound.
  • Kershaw County Confederate Miscellany
    Valuable compilation of source material (some out of print elsewhere) in one publication: Excerpts on the Kershaw County Confederate Monument and Constitution of the Minutemen for the Defense of Southern Rights. Also chapters from Historic Camden, as well as Guide to Selected Historical Sites, “One Week in Camp with the Melish–The Fight at Boykin’s and DeSaussure’s,” a Map of Boykin Mill from Captain Alexander Hamilton Boykin, and all the related sections from The War of the Rebellion (Sherman’s and Potter’s Campaigns in Kershaw District). Illustrations and maps included. Edited by Harvey S. Teal. 86 pages, $15.00 paperbound.
  • A Wateree River Plantation: “Rosny,” from 1815 out of stock
    Very rare material. An unpublished agricultural journal begun in 1815 by Lewis Ciples and continued by James D. Smyrl is transcribed, annotated, and analyzed in narrative by Joan A. Inabinet. Plantation on White Oak Creek, between Camden and Liberty Hill. Detailed index. 72 pages, $5.00 paperbound.
  • Five Visitors to Kershaw District 1806-1832
    Descriptions of visits to early Kershaw District from five outside points of view: Robert Gilmore 1806-7; W. Faux “An English Farmer” 1823; General Lafayette 1825; Mrs. Anne Royall 1831; and Thomas Sheldon “a Connecticut axe salesman” 1832. Edited by Harvey Teal. $5.00 paperbound.
  • History and Homes of Liberty Hill 
    A popular history by Louise Johnston of a unique rural community established in upper Kershaw County by antebellum planters. Reprint, $15.00 paperbound.
  • Gold Rush Letters from William Lemmond: A 49er from Carolina
    A first-time publication of private letters of a Lancaster County citizen with some of his public letters to contemporary Camden and area newspapers, with annotation and narrative by Allen H. Stokes, Jr. Detailed index. 88 pages, $5.00 paperbound.
  • A Guide to Historic Sites in Camden out of stock
    Detailed text with photos (visitor maps also available). Corresponds to the numbering of historical markers the Society has placed throughout the community. Useful for tourists and researchers. 48 pages, $5.00 paperbound..
  • A Guide to Selected Historical Sites in Kershaw County 
    Rich with information, text is matched with maps and photos. Welcomed by researchers as well as casual visitors. 90 pages, $10.00 paperbound.
  • Kershaw County Legacy 
    A wealth of research and oral history information compiled by adult and student interviewers in 1976. Includes old photos and adds information not included in other histories. Reprinted twice by popular demand. 88 pages, $10.00 paperbound.
  • Legacy II out of stock
    More articles, old photos, and oral history interviews conducted by students in 1983 in the format of the previous Kershaw County Legacy. Reprinted by popular demand. 88 pages.
  • ‘Just Mud’ – A History of Kershaw County Pottery to 1980
    Annotated text, about 200 old and modern photos (including 8 pages of full color) of Indian, pre-Revolutionary, and twentieth century pottery from Kershaw County. Also including a detailed catalog of works from the old Bethune potteries. By Dr. Porter McLaurin and Harvey S. Teal. Published 2002. 100 pages, $15.00 paperbound.
  • Kershaw County Cemetery Survey (Vols. I, II, and III, sold separately
    Years of great effort by numerous volunteers resulted in the survey of all known graves in the county. Printed in 1991 (since this time some graves have been lost or damaged). Thorough indexes. Each volume over 200 pages. $15.00 each paperbound. (Set of I, II, and III $40.00)
  • Federal Census of Kershaw County (1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, sold separately)  
    A different volume for each. Includes all names and data, our own introduction, additional related information, names and statistics. $5.00 each paperbound. (Some years almost exhausted.)
  • South Carolina State Census, 1839, A Schedule of the White Population of Kershaw District, South Carolina
    Only five antebellum state censuses survive. A facsimile reproduction of this rare and readable document, with introduction. $5.00.
  • Return of Crops and Other Statistics of Kershaw County, South Carolina: 1868
    A valuable introduction by Harvey S. Teal enhances Kershaw County’s only surviving postbellum state schedule. $5.00 paperbound.

Periodically, the Society has issued facsimile reproductions of hard-to-find, out-of-print booklets, paperbound.  We offer the following for sale at $5.00 each:

  • Kershaw County/Business Directory, 1854-1900 A compilation of several directories. $5.00
  • Kirkwood, Story of a Neighborhood An account from several sources of a distinguished section of Camden. $5.00
  • A Legend, Agnes of Glasgow A romantic tale that grew into legend from lore of local Revolutionary days. out of stock
  • A Descriptive Sketch of Camden, S. C.  48 pages of historical sketches and advertising in 1888. out of stock
  • Rides About Camden, 1853 & 1873 Newspaper series, 1853 and 1873, of sites on equestrian travels. $5.00
  • Old Times in Camden, 1876 Sketches and reminiscences by Col. William M. Shannon in 1876 newspapers. $5.00

Historical titles (or vintage books) written and printed by other, with copies gifted to the Society for its benefit.  Inquire regarding current prices. Currently these include:

***   Camden Ghosts and Legends, by Rachel Montgomery
***    McWillie-Cunningham Genealogy
***    That Man “Zack” (Major William Zachariah Leitner of Winnsboro and Camden, S.C), edited by Anne Leitner Snow   out of stock

Other Camden Locations That Sell Our Publications on site: The Camden Archives & Museum, Historic Camden gift shop, and various antique and book stores, including Books on Broad. [2020–Please see note above]

All in-print publications can be purchased through the Society!

To order any of these publications, contact us by mail or e-mail. Mailing address: Kershaw County Historical Society, Post Office Box 501 / Camden, SC 29020.  Email us at

For shipping, please inquire about additional mailing costs.

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