Summer 2021 at the Bonds Conway House

Rain storms and high winds brought broken limbs, and grass and fences required regular attention outside our headquarters at the Bonds Conway House. Thanks to our volunteers who helped out! Our old-time pear tree, transplanted years ago we are told from an old plantation garden, produced abundantly all summer. Just one collection of fine pears, donated to Food for the Soul, yielded 45 pounds of fresh fruit. We also had three families of bluebirds to hatch out of our weathered handmade birdhouse and fly away.

Nature outside mirrored the way our Society’s work progressed fulfilling other goals–some plans were damaged but are repeatedly being repaired with attention of persistent volunteer efforts. We find our work also bearing fruit and we are ready to keep moving forward!.

Your contributions of funds, efforts, and positive words constantly encourage us and are much appreciated.

Joan A. Inabinet and L. Glen Inabinet are co-authors of A HISTORY OF KERSHAW COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA (2011, University of South Carolina Press) and active in the Kershaw County Historical Society in Camden, S.C.

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