In the Interim of Coronavirus Covid-19

Since our most recent Society program (Feb. 16, 2020, see views below), we have all been thrust into the present history-making period of unexpected changes, adaptations, and waiting.

Now in mid-May we pause broad societal reflections to mark within that time also three losses of significance in our Society’s history—the last two surviving charter members of our 66-year-old organization, and our immediate past president:

  1. Last surviving charter member Harvey Stuart Teal 1928-2020
  2. Charter member Henrietta McWillie 1923-2020
  3. Immediate past president Katherine Williams Hill 1949-2020

Acknowledging appreciation to the above for their contributions to the historical community and the Society, we will continue to meet current challenges.

Looking Ahead—Canceled Plans Still Hold Interest

Three scheduled 2020 activities of our Society during the past three months have required postponement to an indefinite time because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  These include:

  1. A field trip to view archaeological work at Kershaw County’s White Pond, with Dr. Christopher Moore
  2. Program with Tom Poland, speaker, on Carolina Bays
  3. Program on The World of Jak Smyrl by the Authors, on his Kershaw County roots. Preview here.

Click on the hot links above to understand our interests.  (Yes, it’s like online adult-home-schooling for the historical society! Feel young!)

Research, information gathering, preservation, and planning go on.

Thanks for your continued support!!

Below, our February 16 program.

Joan A. Inabinet and L. Glen Inabinet are co-authors of A HISTORY OF KERSHAW COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA (2011, University of South Carolina Press) and active in the Kershaw County Historical Society in Camden, S.C.

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