History of Haile Gold Mine, Program Saturday, Jan. 26, 1 p.m.

Gold has attracted the enduring fascination of human beings since the beginning of time. The Kershaw County Historical Society and the Old Camden District Genealogical Society are together presenting a public program, “History of Haile Gold Mine,” on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. at the Camden Archives and Museum, that will tap into that fascination with a local focus.

The Bookcover for "The History and Rebirth of the Remarkable Haile Gold Mine" by Jack H. Morris

Speaking on almost two centuries of gold mining at the Lancaster County site above the Kershaw County boundary line will be Jack H. Morris, former bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal.

The Haile Gold Mine operated a generation before the California Gold Rush and contains the largest gold deposit in the Eastern United States. For most of its years of operation to present it has been the largest gold producer in the South.

Morris is the author of a new book, The History and Rebirth of the Remarkable Haile Gold Mine. Book signing will be available. (Click for more)

Historical and genealogical researchers in Lancaster and Kershaw counties understand Morris’s observation that, “Nearly everyone has a story about the mine, as many residents are descendants of early miners or have had relatives who sold property, timber, or other goods to the mine.”

The meeting is open to all interested persons, and the Societies welcome your attendance.

Joan A. Inabinet and L. Glen Inabinet are co-authors of A HISTORY OF KERSHAW COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA (2011, University of South Carolina Press) and active in the Kershaw County Historical Society in Camden, S.C.

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