RACING INTO HISTORY—Bondy Long Tells the Story

The Kershaw County Historical Society program
Sunday, Nov. 15, at 3 p.m.
In the Council Chambers room, the Kershaw County Government Center,
515 Walnut Street, Camden

    A history heard here for the first time—Bondy Long will tell the story of excitement and victory for a local-based auto racing team that 50 years ago established a record still unbroken in NASCAR history. Afterward, one block north at 1314 Broad Street, the Camden Archives will open for the group to have a special viewing of its new exhibit: “Camden’s Moment in NASCAR History—The Bondy Long Story” The public is welcome to attend. We hope to see you there!

Ned Jarrett drove Bondy Long's 1964 Ford #11 to victory at Darlington in 1965

Camden resident Ned Jarrett drove Bondy Long’s 1964 Ford #11 to victory at Darlington in 1965

Joan A. Inabinet and L. Glen Inabinet are co-authors of A HISTORY OF KERSHAW COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA (2011, University of South Carolina Press) and active in the Kershaw County Historical Society in Camden, S.C.

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