December 8 Holiday Special, Timeless Asset

Sunday, December 8, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Open House Drop-In for Our Book Sales
At the Bonds Conway House
811 Fair Street, Camden, SC



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Thank You, Kathee! Oct.20 Highlights


At the Kershaw County Historical Society members’ business meeting October 20,  2019, president Tony Scully on behalf of the Society appreciatively thanked Kathee Stahl for 35+ years of devoted service as executive secretary. Kathee holds the engraved gift clock she received with warm response from members, who also signed a book as another keepsake. Retired August 1, Kathee continues as volunteer hostess Thursday afternoons at the Bonds Conway House to greet and assist Society members and visitors.

The Society also paid tribute to a highly respected former president, the late Col. Frank Babbitt, who died September 27. In addition, the Society expressed supportive words for board member Charles Baxley, chairman of the South Carolina American Revolution Sestercentennial Commission, and for Ginny Zemp, new director of Historic Camden.

In other business, the Society elected officers; Tony discussed cooperative historical initiatives and the Bonds Conway House; and Joan Inabinet explained the KCHS mission “Continuing the Legacy (inspiring historical record-keeping to preserve our times).” Society members filled out, or took home to fill out, a questionnaire for information and ideas to participate in the mission and program planning.

The Society held its meeting at Camden’s American Legion Hall, the prime spot for its program, “100 Years of History at Post 17.” In introducing the program, Joan credited the local American Legion as one local organization already carrying out the mission the Historical Society promotes to the community in “continuing the legacy.”

Touring the Legion’s Memorial Room exhibits, Society members saw clear evidence of ways in which the post carries on historical record-keeping.

Glen Inabinet, a past Society president and a past Legion commander, presented the program summarizing his research of the history of Camden’s James Leroy Belk Post 17, begun in 1919, when the American Legion was chartered in every state by act of the U.S. Congress for benefit of veterans of “the Great War,” now World War I.

The meeting concluded with conversation and with refreshments, courtesy of Melissa Saavedra and Betsy Greenway.


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Volunteer One for Harvey!

Happy Birthday to Harvey S. Teal, 91 years old today!

If you want to please Harvey with a “gift” today, volunteer your help to an individual or a group who can use a hand!

Earlier this year, Harvey wrote a reflection entitled “Volunteering” for the Kershaw County Historical Society’s column in the Camden Chronicle-Independent. He began:

“A little more than five years ago, when ‘Father Time’ revealed my 85th birthday had arrived, I wrote a reminiscence column about the changes I had witnessed over those years. One thing did not change, however. My time clock continued to click off each second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year of the ‘time’ deposited into my ‘time’ bank account.”

You can read Harvey’s full reflection on volunteering and read the whole collection of Harvey’s Kershaw County Historical Society columns on the Chronicle-Independent’s website.

Besides being our regular columnist, Harvey is a past president of our Society, a current Board member, and an author and contributor in many ways to our work. His long-time spirit of service and volunteerism continues to extend in many directions near and far and to touch many groups and individuals.

It is fitting to honor our generous friend today by donating a service of your own. Volunteer one for Harvey!

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Cousins Gather at Bonds Conway House

Saturday, June 29, 2019, was a busy and fun day for Society members who greeted about 100 visitors to our headquarters, the Bonds Conway House. Descendants of the Conway and allied families of this area, many of them had traveled far from all parts of the country for the 49th annual reunion of the group calling themselves “The Cousins.” Transported by two large tour buses and a number of autos, the group also visited a number of other local sites of their family history in the community. The presence of Mayor Alfred Mae Drakeford added to the welcome. An enjoyable day for all!

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Boyd Saunders’ Presentation

Visit the highlights of our May 19, 2019, KC Historical Society program when artist Boyd Saunders described slides of artwork in progress during his of painting “The Battle of Hanging Rock” and signed copies of the recently published art book A View from the South: The Narrative Art of Boyd Saunders, by Thomas Dewey II.

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History Made Art—Painting the Battle of Hanging Rock

Sunday, May 19 at 3 p.m.

Society Meeting in the County Council Room
At the Kershaw County Government Center
515 Walnut Street, Camden, SC

saunders boyd.JPG

Artist Boyd Saunders, above at work in his studio, will speak at the KCHS program in Camden on his process and research in creating his painting The Battle of Hanging Rock, which is on exhibit at the South Carolina State Museum, Columbia, SC.

At our May 19 program in Camden, open to the public, you will also learn about the Battle of Hanging Rock itself, an action near the present Kershaw-Lancaster boundary that is part of our Revolutionary history, fought 10 days before the Battle of Camden.

You will also learn more about the artist himself, a colorful raconteur and world-exhibited artist who is the subject of a new book, below,  A View from the South: The Narrative Art of Boyd Saunders, by Thomas Dewey II. More on this book.

dewey_saunders_cover design_Page_1

Below, at the South Carolina State Museum viewing Boyd Saunders’ painting The Battle of Hanging Rock, the Ken Brown family. The painting is on the fourth floor, Cultural History section on the Revolution. More on the museum.


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History of Haile Gold Mine, Program Saturday, Jan. 26, 1 p.m.

Gold has attracted the enduring fascination of human beings since the beginning of time. The Kershaw County Historical Society and the Old Camden District Genealogical Society are together presenting a public program, “History of Haile Gold Mine,” on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. at the Camden Archives and Museum, that will tap into that fascination with a local focus.

The Bookcover for "The History and Rebirth of the Remarkable Haile Gold Mine" by Jack H. Morris

Speaking on almost two centuries of gold mining at the Lancaster County site above the Kershaw County boundary line will be Jack H. Morris, former bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal.

The Haile Gold Mine operated a generation before the California Gold Rush and contains the largest gold deposit in the Eastern United States. For most of its years of operation to present it has been the largest gold producer in the South.

Morris is the author of a new book, The History and Rebirth of the Remarkable Haile Gold Mine. Book signing will be available. (Click for more)

Historical and genealogical researchers in Lancaster and Kershaw counties understand Morris’s observation that, “Nearly everyone has a story about the mine, as many residents are descendants of early miners or have had relatives who sold property, timber, or other goods to the mine.”

The meeting is open to all interested persons, and the Societies welcome your attendance.

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